Secrets secrets, Petrie Press and FotP!

I’m back, with a refreshed imprint and new site! I’ve been working steadily away at plans for a while now and I’m pleased to unveil them!

This will be a big big year but I can’t reveal it all yet – I’m working on a bunch of things to do with something special and as soon as I can I’ll post all about it!

In the meantime, I’ll be at the Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne this weekend, and we’re holding a launch as well at All Star Comics on Saturday! Come along! I’ll have my brand new comic Young Beans available for the first time!

ZICS, SugarCity and Starrytellers

Whoosh it’s been a really really big few weeks!

  • ZICS was amaaazing once again. Fast becoming my favourite independent event, I did a couple of panels and met a huge bunch of cool new people. The Edge was once again super awesome and everyone was so chill and relaxed. It was heaps of fun!
  • I attended SugarCity Comic Con as a guest and it was fantastic! I ran a workshop (which the kids got so into the poor next workshop couldn’t shift them) and a panel with Becky Cloonan! It was really cool to meet Becky, I’ve been a fan of her minicomics for ages and she’s really fun. I really love these regional events, both for the pure idea of them, for the chance to meet new people and spread comics even further, and the support and inspiration they provide their communities. I really think that regional events are the new big excitement points of my year, and I hope to get to more next year!
  • And we announced Starrytellers oh my gosh! Starrytellers is a new anthology Sam Calcraft and I are working on and will be crowdfunding printing shortly! You can see the details here!

Phew! I also did an interview with Vixen’s Vibe and have been powering through Seven #6 work, so onward! Hopefully when that’s done I’ll be able to post more non-spolier images!

PLUS Tom Taylor had this super amazing photo taken, I am in love with it.


July Round Up!

Another big month!

I did a few interviews and pieces around the place:

Australian Comics Journal

ComicSpot Interview (you can hear my voice squeeee!) and my work was mentioned in this interview on Fly the Colour Fantastica as well!

And it was announced that I’ll be guesting at Sugar City Con in August!

We also held the Comicsmas in July comic launch at All Star Comics in Melbourne! I love All Star dearly, they’re a great store and always such champs. You can see some photos here!

I’ve been working hard on Seven #6 and preparing for ZICS and Sugar City. I’ll also be visiting SMASH next week so if you see me say hi!


OH OH OH and Sam Calcraft and I announced that we’re working on a new anthology project called Starrytellers! We’ve commissioned a number of some really fabulous up and coming local creators as part of it and it’s turning out so inspiring! We’ve started a tumblr and will be posting lots of updates! We’ll also be crowdfunding the printing in the coming months, SO EXCITED!

That’s it for now!


Alisha J

June Round Up!

June has been a great month! I type sluggishly while trying to get through an awful cold.

It has been though, really! Not only did all the Svalbard books arrive safe (they look great!) after some dramatic postal mishaps I appeared as a guest at Sydney Supanova and it was an amazing time! Everyone was really nice and seemed a little surprised to see someone like me on guest row, but that really made it just all the more awesome! We also ran a panel on Sunday that was very well attended and great fun.

I’ve been pretty down due to illness and not drawing as much as I normally would like, which is getting me down even further emotionally, so I’m taking a few steps back while I recover to get back to what is important to me. I’ll be announcing something big soon with Samantha Calcraft which I’m working on but can’t show you yet, so in the meantime let’s all just relax and enjoy some calm haha!

Speaking of not being calm, Frank Candiloro and I are holding a launch in All Star Comics next month on the 25th! More news soon but it’ll be pretty rad, guaranteed!


Alisha J

Mid Year Wrap!

WHAH it’s already June! I know it happens every year but I’m always surprised time moves so fast!

With Svalbard on it’s way to me as I type, it feels good to look back on the first half of this year and tick off a few of the goals I had set.

– I’ve printed all the books I had planned for this half of the year along with a naughty mini called Control that was relatively unplanned (whoops!) and a tiny comic for Brisbane’s TBC Mag.

– Minicomicon was a great success, I was awarded a Ledger (still in shock) and attended Sticky’s Festival of the Photocopier along with Melbourne and Gold Coast Supanovas.

But the really cool news, I’ve also recently been announced as a guest to Sydney Supanova in a few weeks and Sugar City Con in Mackay as well! So much for having a rested year of it, I don’t think I’ve ever been more busy! I’m also working on a secret new project with Sam Calcraft that will be AMAZING and I hope to announce soon! I also JUST did an interview with Illustrators Australia as part of their comics issue – you can see it below!

So come visit me in Sydnova if you get the chance! I’ll have Seeds of Svalbard there for the first time ever at an event along with all my other work!



Alisha J

Japan, The Ledgers, Supanova

WOAH it’s been a HUGE month!

I spent most of March to early April in Japan – sightseeing, stocking up on huge amounts of art supplies (the Maruman Zuan sketchbooks remain my favourite for copics!) and enjoying the cherry blossoms! It was my first time in Japan while they’re in bloom and it was beautiful!

Upon returning home I went to the Ledgers – our local comics awards. And lucky I could get to it because I won a Platinum Ledger for my work on Minicomicon, the Women in Comics list and comics in general! I’m so humbled to be recognised, I love everything the Ledgers are aiming for so it was really special to receive one! There are so many people I could thank, but most importantly (besides, you know, the people who decided) I have to thank the women in Australian comics – you are a constant inspiration and brilliantly talented. You’re what’s important <3

That weekend was also Supanova Melbourne, which I was lucky enough to be able to attend with Eri and Vikki of Fly the Colour Fantastica! The anthology is BEAUTIFUL and I’m so proud to have been a part of it with so many other fantastic creators – it’s really a unique anthology! It went really really well and Seven also sold quite a few sets! Welcome new readers!

AND if that wasn’t enough for my poor tired self Gold Coast Supanova is THIS weekend! I’ll be tabling beside the awesome Mamath and will have Fly the Colour Fantastica along with all my comics, including a new reprint of Snare and Jellyfish!

Phew, hope to see you there!

February wrap up, Seven, Dopplerganger and Minicomicon!

Whoa if February had a face I would simultaneously kiss it and give it an Archie slap!

It’s been a HUGE month! Not only did I attend the amazing Festival of the Photocopier (and meet some excellent people) I also released –

– Seven #5

– Dopplerganger

I also ran an independent Minicomics event in Brisbane called Minicomicon, and it went really well! It was a huge learning experience for me and running it on my own was a much bigger task than I anticipated, but everyone has been asking about next year so clearly they want more! It was a really exciting day and not only were over a dozen local and interstate creators there, a good portion of them had created minicomics specifically for the event, which is the most inspiring part of the experience! I’ve written a bit of a blog post about it over on my tumblr, check it out if you have an interest!

Here are some photos from Minicomicon!

And the new books and ALSO FLY THE COLOUR FANTASTICA is almost at launch oh my gosh! I’m so proud to have been a part of this book and you should check out their event page HERE and GO ALONG if you’re in Melbourne!

I also did a quick interview on Minicomicon with the fantastic Sonja from JOY 94.9 – my first time in a for reals studio! You can listen to that here!



2015 is shaping up to look like such a big year, with heaps of exciting things! I’m really pumped now that January is over (January, what a blech month for getting anything done) to get moving on it!

AND SO! Below is what I’m planning for this year, comics and events if things go well –


I’m planning on two Seven books this year, #5 and #6. I’m almost finished with book #5 now, and I’m really proud of the work in it. These last books really bring the entire story together and I can’t wait to get them all done! Book #5 is scheduled for release February, and #6 in October.


AAAAAAAAH SO EXCITED for Svalbard! Caitlin and I are working hard on the first issue and can’t wait to share it – it’s looking amazing! We’re planning on having two issues out this year as well, the first planned for April release.


The next minicomic in the Heavens universe, Eki and Clo dare the wrath of the Feds to explore a clue to a long lost species, but what are they stumbling into? Due for a February release.


A mini of emotions and misunderstandings but mostly love. Scheduled for a June release.

Among the Stars

A Heavens mini about choices and what we have. Scheduled for an August/September release.


This is the minimum I’m aiming to achieve this year – along with a month in Japan! It’ll be a big year, but we can do it together! I’m really looking forward to it!



Alisha J

Brisnova 2014!

Haaa Supanova Brisbane 2014 was amazing!

I met so many wonderful people and had some REALLY good conversations – I next to other comics people but this gave me a really good chance to look at how table traffic went for others around me. I try to make every event a learning experience but it was really more fun than normal!

I also got to thinking about the posts I see online (especially on facebook) about how independent creators never make money at conventions – no one ever seems to post what kind of money they’re thinking, but the last few years I’ve at least broken even on my costs so I did a few little posts for anyone thinking of doing a convention. I don’t make any impressive kind of amount, but it’s improving every year and I’m confident this will continue as long as I keep working hard!

If you’re interested –

Breakdown of breaking even

$ per hour analysis

Table set up analysis

Thank you to everyone who said hello or stopped by, and even bigger thank you to everyone who bought something! You really inspire me to do better comics, and more of them too!