Haaa Supanova Brisbane 2014 was amazing!

I met so many wonderful people and had some REALLY good conversations – I next to other comics people but this gave me a really good chance to look at how table traffic went for others around me. I try to make every event a learning experience but it was really more fun than normal!

I also got to thinking about the posts I see online (especially on facebook) about how independent creators never make money at conventions – no one ever seems to post what kind of money they’re thinking, but the last few years I’ve at least broken even on my costs so I did a few little posts for anyone thinking of doing a convention. I don’t make any impressive kind of amount, but it’s improving every year and I’m confident this will continue as long as I keep working hard!

If you’re interested –

Breakdown of breaking even

$ per hour analysis

Table set up analysis

Thank you to everyone who said hello or stopped by, and even bigger thank you to everyone who bought something! You really inspire me to do better comics, and more of them too!

Brisnova 2014!

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