2015 is shaping up to look like such a big year, with heaps of exciting things! I’m really pumped now that January is over (January, what a blech month for getting anything done) to get moving on it!

AND SO! Below is what I’m planning for this year, comics and events if things go well –


I’m planning on two Seven books this year, #5 and #6. I’m almost finished with book #5 now, and I’m really proud of the work in it. These last books really bring the entire story together and I can’t wait to get them all done! Book #5 is scheduled for release February, and #6 in October.


AAAAAAAAH SO EXCITED for Svalbard! Caitlin and I are working hard on the first issue and can’t wait to share it – it’s looking amazing! We’re planning on having two issues out this year as well, the first planned for April release.


The next minicomic in the Heavens universe, Eki and Clo dare the wrath of the Feds to explore a clue to a long lost species, but what are they stumbling into? Due for a February release.


A mini of emotions and misunderstandings but mostly love. Scheduled for a June release.

Among the Stars

A Heavens mini about choices and what we have. Scheduled for an August/September release.


This is the minimum I’m aiming to achieve this year – along with a month in Japan! It’ll be a big year, but we can do it together! I’m really looking forward to it!



Alisha J


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