Whoa if February had a face I would simultaneously kiss it and give it an Archie slap!

It’s been a HUGE month! Not only did I attend the amazing Festival of the Photocopier (and meet some excellent people) I also released –

– Seven #5

– Dopplerganger

I also ran an independent Minicomics event in Brisbane called Minicomicon, and it went really well! It was a huge learning experience for me and running it on my own was a much bigger task than I anticipated, but everyone has been asking about next year so clearly they want more! It was a really exciting day and not only were over a dozen local and interstate creators there, a good portion of them had created minicomics specifically for the event, which is the most inspiring part of the experience! I’ve written a bit of a blog post about it over on my tumblr, check it out if you have an interest!

Here are some photos from Minicomicon!

And the new books and ALSO FLY THE COLOUR FANTASTICA is almost at launch oh my gosh! I’m so proud to have been a part of this book and you should check out their event page HERE and GO ALONG if you’re in Melbourne!

I also did a quick interview on Minicomicon with the fantastic Sonja from JOY 94.9 – my first time in a for reals studio! You can listen to that here!

February wrap up, Seven, Dopplerganger and Minicomicon!

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