June has been a great month! I type sluggishly while trying to get through an awful cold.

It has been though, really! Not only did all the Svalbard books arrive safe (they look great!) after some dramatic postal mishaps I appeared as a guest at Sydney Supanova and it was an amazing time! Everyone was really nice and seemed a little surprised to see someone like me on guest row, but that really made it just all the more awesome! We also ran a panel on Sunday that was very well attended and great fun.

I’ve been pretty down due to illness and not drawing as much as I normally would like, which is getting me down even further emotionally, so I’m taking a few steps back while I recover to get back to what is important to me. I’ll be announcing something big soon with Samantha Calcraft which I’m working on but can’t show you yet, so in the meantime let’s all just relax and enjoy some calm haha!

Speaking of not being calm, Frank Candiloro and I are holding a launch in All Star Comics next month on the 25th! More news soon but it’ll be pretty rad, guaranteed!


Alisha J

June Round Up!

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