Whoosh it’s been a really really big few weeks!

  • ZICS was amaaazing once again. Fast becoming my favourite independent event, I did a couple of panels and met a huge bunch of cool new people. The Edge was once again super awesome and everyone was so chill and relaxed. It was heaps of fun!
  • I attended SugarCity Comic Con as a guest and it was fantastic! I ran a workshop (which the kids got so into the poor next workshop couldn’t shift them) and a panel with Becky Cloonan! It was really cool to meet Becky, I’ve been a fan of her minicomics for ages and she’s really fun. I really love these regional events, both for the pure idea of them, for the chance to meet new people and spread comics even further, and the support and inspiration they provide their communities. I really think that regional events are the new big excitement points of my year, and I hope to get to more next year!
  • And we announced Starrytellers oh my gosh! Starrytellers is a new anthology Sam Calcraft and I are working on and will be crowdfunding printing shortly! You can see the details here!

Phew! I also did an interview with Vixen’s Vibe and have been powering through Seven #6 work, so onward! Hopefully when that’s done I’ll be able to post more non-spolier images!

PLUS Tom Taylor had this super amazing photo taken, I am in love with it.


ZICS, SugarCity and Starrytellers

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