Hot/Cold is a comedic minicomic about relationships, compromise and a little bit of magic.

Warning though, it is slightly adorably sexy times. In the name of comedy.

I Grew Up Beautiful is a colour minicomic about realising your own value and strength within relationships, along with the pain of knowing one isn’t right.

Jellyfish is a super cute short mini about friendship and routine that becomes more.

My first minicomic, MTS is about meeting a stranger on a train, based in part on actual events. It’s also super cute!

Snare is a sci fi adventure (horror?) minicomic featuring two brave women searching for a new mining site – and finding something else…

Dopplerganger story of two adventurers exploring a forbidden planet in search of a long dead race – who get much more than they bargained for.

You can check out my minicomics in a cool pack in the store!